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Thank a Military Family
Friday, May 27, 2016
Andy Lee

By, Andy Lee

The humid gym was packed with families eagerly awaiting the busses that carried our soldiers home. I waited impatiently with my children ages nine, seven, and three. I was as fidgety as they were. It had been a long six months without their daddy. 

Those months had been a roller coaster for me. There were weeks when I felt strong and others when tears poured down my cheeks in the dark night. I guess the lonliness was good because . . . 

I had never felt closer to God.

During that deployment I learned that God was my source and Mike and the kids were the icing on the cake, but it had not been easy.

Back in the gym that hot, late afternoon in Weisbaden, Germany, the crowd began to stir and you could feel excitement building as the first bus arrived. One by one the soldiers filed through the door behind their battalion commander. We would have to endure a few more moments of ceremony before we could be reunited. 

My eyes strained to find my soldier. The sea of camaflouge made it hard to distinguish each one, but as my eyes searched, they landed on my tall man. 

Pride welled up in my already exploding heart. 

Pride for our country.

Pride for the men and women who serve so selflessly.

Pride for the children waiting for their soldier momma or daddy to scoop them up and cover them with kisses.

And pride for the spouses like me who were single parents during each deployment, training exercise, and long days and nights required of our husband or wife. 

With a final salute to their commander, the troops were released and chaos began. Tears, flowers, welcome home signs, balloons and hundreds of bodies flooded the courts. 

They were home.

Until next time. 


If you or a loved one served our country or are still serving, please leave a comment and let us say, “Thank you!”





Andy Lee is a blogger, speaker, and Bible study geek. She’s an author of two books, The Book of Ruth Key Word Bible Study and A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called. Visit Andy at for inspiration and soul nourishment.