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It’s an opportune week to meet agents and editors, award winning writers and others who have heard the same call to write.  Come attend workshops and continuing classes that will sharpen your pen, develop your platform, and strengthen your resolve. Critique groups, meetings with agents and editors, writing contests, and camaraderie with fellow writers make this week one to remember.

If you have a book inside of you, if you have the dream to publish that book, and you don’t know where to begin, come be encouraged and trained at the Florida Christian Writers Conference February 21-25.



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Two Secrets to Setting Goals
Friday, September 22, 2017
Andy Lee


by, Andy Lee, FCWC Blog Editor


I’m the typical resolution maker. I’m gung-ho for about three weeks, and then my dreams of grandeur to become super healthy and physically fit, organized and scheduled, fade into the chaos of reality.

I think it’s fun to make resolutions. Until I fail.

Since I’m so bad at keeping my resolutions, as most of us are, I’ve jumped on the band wagon for goal setting.

I am not the “goalie” type. I’m the go-with-the-flow, let the Holy Spirit lead, kind of girl. But the older I get, the more I’m starting to appreciate this strategy. However, I know that my goal setting can be as ridiculous as my resolutions if they aren’t attainable.

For instance, for me to set a goal of receiving a trillion blog visitors would be a ridiculous goal. You’re probably thinking, “Who in their right mind would set an outrageous goal?” You’re right. That was a hyperbolized example, but I hope you get the picture. Many people set themselves up for failure by setting goals that are years away or impossible. A goal such a doubling my current views and subscribers would be a better target because there are ways I can work toward that goal.

I believe goals must be attainable. I’m not an expert in this field (yet), but I know I must have tangible ways to work toward those goals—steps that lead toward achieving the target. I am also learning that goals are important because life is lived well when it’s lived intentionally.

Life must be lived on purpose. (Yes, that’s the preposition I want there.)

The first secret to productive goal setting is:

  • Set reasonable goals with tangible steps toward achieving them.

If one of your goals is to publish a book (sometime in your life), one of the steps that will propel you toward that goal is attending a writers conference. And I know a great conference! It’s in Florida!

The second secret has nothing to do with targets or goals or tangible steps. This secret is about being still.

And waiting.

On God.

I’ve been known to get ahead of myself and God, and when I do, it’s never good. This year I really want to slow down and ask Him what He wants my goals to be.

I do have obligations from marketting promises on book proposals written last year. You know, those promises made to publishers and agents to grow your platform and sell the books. But the Lord knows that. I bring to Him the promises I’ve made and ask for directions and grace to fulfill those obligations. And I breathe in deep.

The second secret to productive goal making is:

  • Slow down and consult the Lord. Wait on His counsel.

Find a cozy corner in your house. Light a candle and gather journal, pen and Bible. Or maybe grab your beach chair and meet Him at the waters edge. Wherever you find Him, seek His counsel for your goals. This is a process. It may take a month. No rush. God’s timing is perfect.

My advice is simple. There are many experts out there giving great advice for goal setting. Michael Hyatt is one of them. I always learn something from his articles.

But we can’t forget who gave us the love for words and the story to tell—the ministry to help others with words inked. Our goals will be for naught if the hand of the Lord is not in them.

Your turn: Are you a goal setter? How do you set your goals?


Andy Lee is the author of two books, The Book of Ruth Key Word Study Bible: A 31-Day Journey to Hope and Promise (AMG) and A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called (Leafwood). She is an inspirational speaker, blogger, and recovering people pleaser. She is also mom to three grown children and one kitty named Hank. Andy lives on the coast of North Carolina with her retired soldier-husband. She loves to read, walk on the beach, and get up in the dark before the sun awakes. It’s habit. Read Andy’s Bible digging and faith encouragement at Wordsbyandylee.com.