Hello and welcome to the 28th annual Florida Christian Writers Conference.

You may be asking yourself, "What's so special about FCWC?" That's a question with an easy answer.

1. We are bringing in one of the best-known, most beloved names in our industry as our keynote speaker. Robert Benson has spent his life writing and speaking about one thing: paying attention for the things in our everyday lives that point us to the presence of the Holy in our lives. About our practice and ritual and work and contemplation and the way such things can be reminders of who we are and who we are to become.*

2. We feature two pre-conference classes worth their weight in gold: 1) Book Proposal Studio (walk in with an idea, walk out with a book proposal), and 2) Book Pitch Workshop (walk in with an idea, walk out with a pitch for the writers and editors you'll meet over the next few days).

3. We bring in the top names in publishing--agents, editors, freelance writers, marketing geniuses, website designers ... just to name a few.

4. This year we will offer a writing/critique workshop that runs simultaneously to the conference. Conferees can choose by pre-registration to attend an intense time of working specifically on your work with trained critique experts from the Word Weavers International community. These sessions run during the blocks of time set for continuing classes. Afternoons are free to write, to attend workshops, to meet with agents, editors, etc. 

5. Finally, this year, like every year is guaranteed to feed your spirit, your craft, your relationships within a special communityof writers, and your need for fun! Our theme is Dancing on the Head of a Pen ... and to that end, we'll kick off on Wednesday night with a sock hop.

We look forward to either meeting you for the first time or seeing you again!
Eva Marie Everson
Mark Hancock
Directors, FCWC

*Taken from: http://books.upperroom.org/book-author/robert-benson/

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How to Fight Discouragement... as a Writer
Monday, November 23, 2015
Andy Lee


by, Andy Lee Word Weavers International Mentor


Is there a secret to fighting discouragement in this calling called “writer”?

Well, this is what I do.

The first thing I do is ask myself this one question: Why do I write? I write because:

I feel called.

I love words.

I want to make a difference in this world.

I want to share Christ.

I want my messes to be messages—my moanies to become testimonies. I want God to redeem what the enemy meant for evil. So I tell my stories, and I pour out my soul. My naked words are inked for all to read because I am compelled. To stop writing would be like cutting off my arm. I must write despite how vulnerable my calling makes me. 

Ministry through words is in my DNA. I just can’t help it.

I’m betting, you feel the same way.

But there are days when we wonder why we are trying—days when the years drag on between the first breath of inspiration for a project to the day we see it in print—maybe we’ve not seen any of those projects in print yet.

There are weeks when we write blog post after blog post, and we receive few comments in response to our hours of labor.  There are months when the traffic on our site goes down—or worse, we lose a subscriber or two.

Writing is a silent job. And when there is very little response to our offerings, we can become discouraged—the silence deafening.

So, how do we continue to do what God has called us to do when we aren’t reaching the masses we hoped?

We practice being thankful for the “one”.

Be thankful for:

  • The “one” comment on your blog or Facebook page that said, “Thank you so much! Your words were just what I needed today.”
  • The one share.
  • The one new subscriber to your blog.
  • The one “over the moon” book review.
  • The one book purchase for the day.
  • The one endorser out of the twenty you requested.
  • The one neighbor who will read your book even though she isn’t a Christian, and she just might come to Christ through your words because she knows you and how you live.

I’ve only been on this writing journey for seven years though at the moment it feels like a lifetime. And God has opened some major doors on my journey as I’ve plodded each step of faith.

Yet I confess that I’m prone to comparison. I look at other writers and bloggers, and I just don’t measure up. I don’t have half their subscribers, or articles written, or books published. And when I begin comparing, I sink in quicksand of doubt.

But the truth is. God has not called me to be them. He hasn’t called me to their ministry. He has called me to mine. He’s called me to the one who tells me how much she needed that post for the day.

When my eyes are taken off the deficit in my career and placed on the “one” I’m encouraged to keep on keepin’ on this journey called writer.

I hope you are too.

You are making a difference in this world one reader, one follower, one endorser, one reviewer, one salvation at a time.  



Your turn: What helps you when you become discouraged in your writing career?


Andy Lee is an author of two new books. The Book of Ruth Key Word Bible Study: a 31-Day Journey to Hope and Promise (AMG November 2015) and A Mary Like Me: Flawed yet Called (Leafwood Spring 2016). She’s a mom, wife, blogging mentor, and inspirational speaker. She lives on the coast of North Carolina with her husband and kitty named Hank. Her three kids are all grown up. She loves for them to come home so she can feed them. Read more of Andy’s faith encouragement at findingpurposebetondtoday.com.