Welcome to the Florida Christian Writers Conference! We are so glad you stopped by to check out what we have in store for you this year. This conference is nestled in the heart of Florida at Lake Yale Conference Center. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking, and the spreading Oak trees beckon you to sit beneath their limbs and write a page or two in your journal.

It’s an opportune week to meet agents and editors, award winning writers and others who have heard the same call to write.  Come attend workshops and continuing classes that will sharpen your pen, develop your platform, and strengthen your resolve. Critique groups, meetings with agents and editors, writing contests, and camaraderie with fellow writers make this week one to remember.

If you have a book inside of you, if you have the dream to publish that book, and you don’t know where to begin, come be encouraged and trained at the Florida Christian Writers Conference February 21-25.



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Is It Worth the Risk?
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Eva Marie Everson



Eva Marie Everson, Director
Florida Christian Writers Conference


I receive “daily inspiration,” from a variety of sources—biblical and secular. Recently, in one of my “inspirational quotes for the day” emails, I read the following quote, attributed to Mark Zuckerberg:

The biggest risk is not taking any risk … in a world that changes really quickly,
the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

I agree.

Twenty years ago, the first (what would become) Word Weavers meeting convened at the home of a woman named Mary. I didn’t know Mary. In fact, I didn’t know a soul I met that day, all who became dear friends. There were five of us, myself included.

A new writer named Carmen Leal had come up with the idea of “writers helping writers” using the critique format. She’d placed an advertisement in our local mega-church’s newspaper (literally, a newspaper), and five of us showed up. Out of the nearly 12,000 members of the church … five.

A friend suggested I attend the first meeting. I currently wrote for the church’s children’s ministry and she thought it a good idea that I join in. On my way to the meeting, I got lost. Somehow, I ended up at my friend’s house. She, in turn, poured a cup of coffee for me, then drew the directions on a piece of paper and sent me on my way.

I didn’t want to go. I hate arriving late for anything. Makes me feel that people are looking at me when I walk in the door (they are…) or judging me. But I went. I took a chance, and I went.

A couple of years later, as our group of writers floundered, God gave me a vision for what Word Weavers (we still were not called this, I don’t believe) could be, if I would take a giant leap of faith and enforce what He was about to show me.

I’ll admit it—I was terrified. But I made the calls … I took all the risks … and we now have membership across the globe. Our numbers total somewhere around 600. And I spend most of my days too stunned to speak about how it all came about (not to mention, too busy…)

Allow me to tell you about another risk I took … the risk of walking over to Jerry B. Jenkins (he had no clue who I was, mainly because I wasn’t anyone to know …) and introducing myself. I took a risk, asked if I could join his Guild as a mentor. He said “yes,” which (come to think of it) led to the growth of Word Weavers (but that’s another story). I took a risk and it paid off. For everyone.

Another risk I took was in taking over Florida Christian Writers Conference (I’ll admit, I looked straight at Mark Hancock, my also-director, and said, “Don’t you dare leave me to do this on my own.”). I. Was. Terrified.

What did I know about putting on writers conferences? Nothing. But I took a chance. I measured the risks and decided they were worth the effort. I’m so glad I did.

Right now, as you prepare for Florida Christian Writers Conference, or as you weigh the risks of attending the conference (or any conference), allow me to say this to you: I know you’re scared. Even if you have attended before … maybe this time you plan to bring the book proposal whose seeds were planted last year. Maybe this time you plan to muster up all the courage you have and introduce yourself to that agent or that editor (or Mark … but don’t be afraid of Mark. He’s not scary … typically.).

Here’s the bottom line: don’t be afraid. Take the risks. You will not until you do. “Can’t never could,” my mother always said.

And it’s true. So, take the risk. Sign up for the conference. Muster up the courage. Introduce yourself to Mark (insert smile here). And we’ll see you at the conference!



Eva Marie Everson is the director of Florida Christian Writers Conference and the president of Word Weavers International. The multi-award winning, bestselling author and her husband make their home in Central Florida where they are owned by a very spoiled dog.