Hello and welcome to the 28th annual Florida Christian Writers Conference.

You may be asking yourself, "What's so special about FCWC?" That's a question with an easy answer.

1. We are bringing in one of the best-known, most beloved names in our industry as our keynote speaker. Robert Benson has spent his life writingand speaking about one thing: paying attention for the things in our everyday lives that point us to the presence of the Holy in our lives. About our practice and ritual and work and contemplation and the way such things can be reminders of who we are and who we are to become.*

2. We feature two pre-conference classes worth their weight in gold: 1) Book Proposal Studio (walk in with an idea, walk out with a book proposal), and 2) Book Pitch Workshop (walk in with an idea, walk out with a pitch for the writers and editors you'll meet over the next few days).

3. We bring in the top names in publishing--agents, editors, freelance writers, marketing geniuses, website designers ... just to name a few.

4. This year we will offer a writing/critique workshop that runs simultaneously to the conference. Conferees can choose by pre-registration to attend an intense time of working specifically on your work with trained critique experts from the Word Weavers International community. These sessions run during the blocks of time set for continuing classes. Afternoons are free to write, to attend workshops, to meet with agents, editor, etc. 

5. Finally, this year, like every year is guaranteed to feed your spirit, your craft, your relationships within a special community of writers, and your need for fun! Our theme is Dancing on the Head of a Pen ... and to that end, we'll kick off on Wednesday night with a sock hop.

We look forward to either meeting you for the first time or seeing you again!

Eva Marie Everson
Mark Hancock
Directors, FCWC


​*Taken from: http://books.upperroom.org/book-author/robert-benson/

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When Balance and Writing Don't Co-exist
Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Heather Iseminger


Photo of a great place to sit and journal at FCWC



by: Heather Iseminger, Word Weaver International Mentor


The house where I grew up had steps leading down to our backyard gate. It was my hiding place. Quiet and cool under the willow shade that made Momma shake her finger at Daddy for planting it so close to the house.

I loved it.

In that space I would dream. I would write. Stories of girlish dreams—teenage angsty things. But never once did I allow the dream of author to seep into my soul.

Even as a writing major at Florida State, I never considered writing as something I would actually do. I chose the major because it was the end of my junior year and an advisor said—PICK SOMETHING.

So I did.

Two years later I was teaching ninth grade English, the idea of a writing career so distant my memory could only glimpse the edges. I’ve taught for almost 13 of the last 18 years.

Yet, I’ve never stopped writing. Writing for seminary. Writing for church Christmas dramas. Writing for businesses. Writing curriculum for ministries.  And three years ago, writing for my own blog.

I wrote and wrote and wrote. And my husband and I rocked babies. And I taught and taught and taught.

People talk about lives of balance. But is that even a thing?

I’ve only ever been able to write in the between spaces. . .

A few words chewed on my lunch break.  . . . Some phrases and clauses twirled while my daughter danced. . . . Paragraphs tripped over naps on Sunday afternoons. . . . The occasional blog post tucked in after the kids were asleep.

Here is what I know:

Balance doesn’t exist.

Life happens and our writing may draw a blank canvas of white space. Or life happens and our ideas come out so fast we can’t write them down fast enough.

Sometimes I have to not write and press into my family. Other days student essays will be stacked so thick the red ink bleeds dry. And then there are crusty dishes in the sink and mildew rings around the toilet.

I can’t always write. It’s not my job.

But it’s my calling.

So obedience is my guide. It can carve out time I didn’t know I had.

The writing I’m supposed to do? The writing God wants? It always gets done. In His time—not mine.

If I obey His still small voice and write when I’m supposed to write and close my computer in obedience to His whisper, then I’ll have the time I need.

It doesn’t make sense. But God.

I never thought I’d be a writer.

But that didn’t stop God.

I never thought I’d be a teacher.

But that didn’t stop God.

I never thought I could do both and have a family.

But that didn’t stop God.

The quiet, shaded space of my childhood has been traded for the low-lit atmosphere of a local Starbucks with music in the background and the dark roast scent everywhere.

I allow author dreams now. But dreams of author success have changed. Am I obedient to the call of my Jesus? Do I honor Him with my decisions each day? Am I writing what He has asked of me?

It may not be balance, but I’m living the dream.


Join the conversation: How do you balance working outside the home, family, and writing in “the between spaces”? 


Bio: Heather Iseminger is a hoarder of words and a caffeine addict. She’s been married to Prince Charming Mike for 17 years, and is momma to two perfectly imperfect children, Ella (11) and Caleb (5). A love of teenagers, and a bit of crazy, keeps her teaching English to juniors and seniors. You can find her heart at www.PetalsofJoy.org.