Welcome to the Florida Christian Writers Conference! We are so glad you stopped by to check out what we have in store for you this year. This conference is nestled in the heart of Florida at Lake Yale Conference Center. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking, and the spreading Oak trees beckon you to sit beneath their limbs and write a page or two in your journal.

It’s an opportune week to meet agents and editors, award winning writers and others who have heard the same call to write.  Come attend workshops and continuing classes that will sharpen your pen, develop your platform, and strengthen your resolve. Critique groups, meetings with agents and editors, writing contests, and camaraderie with fellow writers make this week one to remember.

If you have a book inside of you, if you have the dream to publish that book, and you don’t know where to begin, come be encouraged and trained at the Florida Christian Writers Conference, March 6-10, 2019.



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When Will it be My Time?
Monday, July 16, 2018
Tammy Karasek



With conferences in full-swing, we’re hearing about successes of our fellow writers, while we may be feeling the heartbreak of rejection.

Whether we attend a conference to pitch our book or submit a writing piece to a place online, we’d all agree that our desired outcome is to hear:

Oh yeah!  This is the best story/article ever. We want this and will pay a million bucks! Who cares what your platform numbers are or if you even HAVE a platform. This is amazing!

I say that with tongue in cheek because I am, after all, a fiction writer like you, right? That scenario is not likely to happen unless we write that into a book.

But we can begin the comparison game if we allow it. How’d she get a deal, she just started writing—I’ve been writing for years? Why does he get every article published he submits?

Dangerous thoughts.

I propose we think differently about our writing and timelines. More than likely you’re writing because you felt God’s nudge to do so. If so, He’s equipped you with the talent of stringing words together to form understandable sentences. Keep doing it.

We need to continue writing the words God gives us to spread the gospel. We have no idea where He wants those words to land. We as Christ followers and writers can share about Him to a person who may never pick up a Bible, but may pick up a book to read a good story. God has us writing just where He wants us—for this moment.

We might think – “But how will my words get out there if God isn’t giving me a book deal?” Could He be asking us to write the words He gave us and when He is ready, He will place them where He wants them? Who knows where God wants our words to land. If we don’t get a book deal on our first pitch, should we throw in the towel and quit forever? I don’t think so.

Instead of becoming discouraged because we haven’t landed a book contract yet, let’s take a breath. What if we think differently about those no answers we get. Rather than taking that no and letting Satan roll that one word into things like: No, nobody will read this? No, you can’t write.

What if we change that.

Instead of NO, followed by a string of negativity with it, let’s change our thinking. When we hear NO, understand it as NO (COMMA) not yet.

God has us right where we are. Let’s keep learning and practicing the craft. Being in Word Weavers is a wonderful start in growing as a writer. Let’s be excited for each other as someone receives the wanted yes, because someday it will be us and we’ll want to share with our fellow writers. Remember to rejoice when others rejoice.

Our time will come.




Tammy Karasek

You’ll find Tammy seeing humor and causing laughter in every aspect of life. Her past, filled with    bullying   and criticism from family, is the driving force of her passion to always encourage others and give them The Reason to smile. She’s been married to her college sweetheart, Larry, for 37 years, a mom to their grown daughter, Kristen and wrapped around the paw of a little dog named Hattie. Born and raised in Ohio, her family now resides in South Carolina. She is the President of Cross N Pens Writers and a member of ACFW. She’s a contributor in the 2018 Divine Moments Book, Cool-inary Moments.

Connect with Tammy:                                                                                                                           Blog: http://www.tammykarasek.com Email: [email protected]




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