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Unplug and Know that I am God
Friday, July 22, 2016
Andy Lee

By, Andy Lee



As I walked around the pond this morning, a man rounded the corner and said, “Well, good morning!”

He wasn’t looking at me, but I thought perhaps he was talking to me, so I said, “Good morning!”

He turned around and smiled, and that’s when I saw it. A white, small cord hung from his ear, and I realized he was on his phone. I managed an awkward smile. He returned the nicety and continued his conversation.

“No, I’ll be in the office around 10:00 this morning. I’m coming in a little bit later than normal. . . .”

And the conversation continued as he stepped up his power walk.

It’s an epidemic.

Why are we all so busy?

Because we can be. I blame technology.

What do you do when you wait at a stoplight? Come on, confess. Do you check you Facebook, e-mail, or text messages? I’m guilty.

What would happen if we simply sat at the stoplight?

The technical world is our culture, but it’s also a big part of what is demanded of us as writers. Social media plays a large role in our marketing. We blog, Tweet, Pin, Snap-Chat, post on Facebook and take pictures to put on Instagram, and our phones never leave our sides for long. Information and activity are always at our fingertips.

But even if you don’t have this issue with a Smartphone, you may have it with your computer or i-pad, or other technology. Do you hear its siren’s song?

I wrote a post on my personal blog last week on how to simplify life when it gets too busy, and then I found myself needing to practice what I preached. (God laughs when this happens.) The stress level was rising, so I had to take some of my medicine.

One of the steps I recommended was to take a break:

I didn’t say quit. Take a break. I promise, the world will keep revolving if you arrive to the meeting late or post your blog five hours later than scheduled or not at all, or your kids dress themselves in non-matching attire. It’s okay!

Take a break and try these things.


  • Go for a walk without your phone and use that time to listen to the sounds of the neighborhood, the birds singing, the crickets chirping, and the kids playing.
  • Take a day or week off from your blog. Yes, I did say that. It’s okay. The world won’t stop revolving. Your followers will still love you.
  • Take a day or week off from Facebook and other social media.
  • Read a magazine or book.
  • Spend time with God journaling and reading His Word.

There is a reason why God made the Sabbath.

We need it.

You’ll have more to write about after you unplug for awhile. I promise. 

Let’s unplug and know that He is God.


Your turn: How do you unplug?


Andy Lee is a new author of two book. She’s a speaker, blogger, recovering people pleaser, and Bible nerd. Her words of faith and Bible inspiration can be found at and her morning encouragement broadcasts on Periscope Monday-Friday at 8:20. @wordsbyandylee.