Our Mentors/The Experts

Mentors! Mentors! Mentors!

How would you like to spend a half hour with one of our mentors whose sole concentration is you and your writing career?

Here's how it works:
After looking at the chart below, email your choice of mentor(s) to request availability for mentoring.
THEN: you will mail (snail or e, up to the mentor) a one-sheet about yourself and your work, the first ten pages of your WIP (if available and appropriate to the genre), and an overview of your goals, along with a $40 check or money order, made payable to the mentor. 

The mentor will set a time for you once they arrive at the conference. You will want to check their time sheet first on the day you schedule appointments so as not to double book. 

The Mentors:
Shellie Arnold ([email protected]) Young Adult, New Adult, Nonfiction, Bible Study, Devo, All fiction except Historical, Fantasy, Sci-fi. (Limit 12 - 14)
Jevon Bolden ([email protected]) Adult and Children’s Nonfiction, Middle Grade and YA fiction, and Children’s Chapter and Picture Book (Limit 5)
Kelsey Bowen ([email protected]) Fiction (No Limit)
Crystal Bowman ([email protected]) Children's Board Books, Picture Books, Beginning Reader Books (Limit 3)     
Lindsey Brackett ([email protected])  Women's & Romance Fiction (Limit 3-5)
Kathy Bruins ([email protected]) Any genre but poetry or children's books (Limit 10) 
Kim de Blecourt ([email protected]) Nonfiction  (Limit 4)
Julie Cantrell ([email protected]) Fiction (Limit 5)
Tamara Clymer ([email protected]) Nonfiction (Limit 4)   
Cheri Cowell ([email protected]) Nonfiction, Bible Study, Memoir, Articles (Limit 3) 
Blythe Daniel ([email protected]) Nonfiction (Limit 8)  
Jaimie Engle ([email protected]) YA, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror (No Limit) 
Diana Flegal ([email protected]) Nonfiction, Christian Living, Women's Contemporary Fiction  (No Limit)   
Natalie Gillespie ([email protected]) Nonfiction, Poetry, Devos, YA, Children's, Articles, Christian Living, Memoir, Contemporary, Romance, Bible Study, Homeschool   (No Limit) 
Deb Haggerty ([email protected])  Contemporary, YA, Middle Grade  (No Limit)   
Kristen Hogrefe  ([email protected]) Fiction, YA, Mystery/Suspense, Sci-fi, Dystopian (Limit 5)  
Heather Iseminger ([email protected]) Blogging, Nonfiction (Limit 3)   
Bethany Jett ([email protected] ) Nonfiction, Ghostwriting, Proposals, Social Media (Limit 4)   
Eddie Jones ([email protected]) Fiction: Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Womens, YA, Middle Grade  (No Limit)
Katy Kauffman ([email protected]) Bible Study, Articles  (Limit 5)
Andy Lee ([email protected])  Bible Study, Nonfiction (Limit 3)  
Jessica Nelson ([email protected]) Sweet Romance, Romantic Suspense, Historical Romnance (No Limit)  
Edwina Perkins ([email protected]) Fiction  (Limit 10)  
Marti Pieper ([email protected]) Article, Nonfiction Books, Bible studies, Memoir, Christian Living, Devotionals, YA Nonfiction. (Limit 5)
Ramona Richards ([email protected])  Nonfiction (Spiritual & Personal Growth), Romantic Suspense, Suspense, Women's Fiction  (Limit 5) 
Cindy Sproles ([email protected]) Devo, Historical Fiction (Limit 3)     
Linda Evans Shepherd ([email protected])  Nonfiction, Fiction, Articles, Screenplays (Limit 5) 
Kristen Stieffel ([email protected]) All fiction, specifically science fiction and fantasy (Limit 6) 
Jennifer Uhlarik ([email protected]) Historical, Historical Romance, Novellas, Western  (Limit 15)
Karen Whiting ([email protected]) Devos, Nonfiction,  NF Proposals, Tween NF, Children's NF, Marketing (No Limit) 
Bill Watkins ([email protected]) Nonfiction (no gift books, no poetry) (No Limit) 
Tina Yeager ([email protected]) Fiction, specifically helping with character psychologicals  (No Limit)  
Cyle Young  ([email protected]) Fiction, Children's Picture and Board Books, Nonfiction for Christian Market, Business & Leadership for General Market, Devos (Limit 10) 
Lora Zill ([email protected]) Poetry  (Limit 8)