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About Firefly Southern Fiction:

Firefly Southern Fiction is about story, driven by characters who are distinctly southern and/or characters who move to southern settings (which are also characters). Southern characters fall into several categories and should not be stereotyped.

Southern fiction is strong in family, family history, and family values. Her characters include people as well as small towns, big cities, houses with wrap-around porches, plantations, farmhouses, and shanties. Landscape is as important to story as plot and character.
Southern fiction can be as deep in angst as it is in humor. It can be as haunting as it is hilarious. Within its pages one is likely to find the “big house” and the “outhouse.” The faith, family dynamics, tragedies, and triumphs of Firefly Southern Fiction characters must ring true to life.

As most Southerners know, dialect changes from location to location in the South. Those who live in the Appalachians do not speak in the same dialect or with the same idioms as those who live in the Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia. Dialect within region should ring true and should never fall within stereotype. The flow of dialect and, therefore, dialogue, should come naturally from character to character, location to location.

Southern locations include those states commonly called “Dixie” (North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas), and may include Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Kentucky, and Virginia. Southern locations sometimes includes West Virginia and Missouri.

What Firefly Southern Fiction is not looking for: Stories merely set in the South. 

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About Lindsey:

Lindsey P. Brackett “just writes life” in the midst of motherhood. Her debut novel, Still Waters, a Lowcountry story about the power of family and forgiveness, released in 2017. Called “a brilliant debut” with “exquisite writing,” Still Waters was named 2018 Selah Book of the Year, Directors Choice Fiction Award winner for the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference, and shortlisted for the INSPY Awards. Lindsey was also an ACFW Mentor of the Year nominee for 2018.

Locally, Lindsey is well known for her weekly columns in The Northeast Georgian and The Elberton Star reflecting on the intersection of motherhood, faith, and community. Around town you’re likely to find her at the library, a state park with her four kids, or directing a show at the Habersham Community Theater.

Lover of all things literary and Southern, Lindsey’s favorite days are spent on the back porch, sweet tea in hand, writing stories, reading books, and mentoring authors. Connect with her at or on Facebook/Instagram: @lindseypbrackett.


Workshop Presented by Lindsey:

Launch Your Book Without Losing Your Mind
In this practical workshop, which received high praise last year, debut author Lindsey Brackett walks attendees through what she learned launching her first book and gearing up for her second. In addition, depending on the conference, successful authors will be invited to share their best tips for book launches.

We will discuss: