Heather Iseminger

Heather Iseminger is a self-proclaimed hoarder of words and caffeine addict. She holds a BA in English Writing from FSU and an MA in Christian Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She and her Prince Charming, Mike, have been married for 19 years and have two children, Ella and Caleb. Five days a week, with coffee in hand, Heather is surrounded by the high school students she adores. When she’s not juggling family and teaching, she’s an award-winning freelance author and blogger. You can find her heart at PetalsofJoy.org.




Workshop Presented by Heather:

Who Says Nonfiction is Boring? Writing Creative Nonfiction
Artistry isn’t just for the poet. This workshop will teach writers how to combine figurative language techniques with nonfiction prose to create writing that captivates. Using hands-on activities from years of classroom experience, Heather will help conferees enhance their ability to create vivid word pictures while also showing the importance of the story in nonfiction. Learn to infuse the language of writing with description and details to connect with the human experience and engage the audience.


After-Hours Workshop Presented by Heather:

Staring at White Space: When you don’t know what to write
What happens when you no longer have words to string together? When you can’t push through the mental blank space? When you try all the tricks to inspire, but the tricks don’t work? As writers, we tend to panic when we don’t know what to write. In this workshop, Heather will offer practical advice to help you discern the difference between needing a push and needing to wait. This workshop will also include a variety of techniques and strategies to implement when you need that extra nudge to keep the words flowing.