Book Proposal Studio

Book Proposal Studio, Wednesday afternoon from 2:30-5:30PM.

We are excited to bring back our pre-conference track, BOOK PROPOSAL STUDIO, hosted by published authors, Kathy Bruins and Kim de Blecourt, Word Weavers West Michigan.

The studio is for writers with a book-length manuscript to present to editors during the conference. For a nominal fee of $50, participants will work side by side with Kathy and Kim to begin a professional book proposal and create a One Sheet for use at the conference.

A book proposal has a specific format and must answer the questions on an editor’s mind. As an author, you must answer:

1.       What is the topic and message of your book?

2.      What is the take-away value?

3.      Who is your target market?

4.      Who is your competition in the market?

5.       Why is your book different than other books on the subject?

6.      What is the marketing plan for your book?

7.       Who are you, and why are you the perfect person to write this message?

An editor wants to get right to the point. A well-written book proposal helps you to clarify your project in your own mind, so you are ready to ask for publishing consideration. This will give you the confidence you need to show any publisher you are a professional.

Attendees for this session should come with their manuscript and all the information needed to write the proposal. Attendees who register for the session will receive materials (via email) before the conference to help you pull together the necessary information for your proposal.

Make sure you register for the BOOK PROPOSAL STUDIO by sending an email to [email protected]. Put "BOOK PROPOSAL STUDIO/Your Name" in the subject line.