Tina Yeager

Wife, mom, and latte junkie, Tina has won more than a dozen writing awards, including FCWC’s 2013 Writer of the Year. She enjoys writing nonfiction and speculative fiction while helping clients optimize their lives through her online coaching business, Divine Encouragement, LLC. Inspirational speaker and mentor with Word Weavers International, she loves to bring encouraging messages through spoken and written words. Come visit her for a virtual cup of java at divineencouragement.com and tyeagerwrites.com.



Workshop Presented by Tina:

Psyched Characters: Craft Fiction with Vivid Emotion

Do your protagonists and antagonists rise from their pages to captivate a reader’s imagination? Sculpting characters with psychological depth infuses your story with power. Join me for a workshop exploring realistic thoughts and behaviors from a therapist’s perspective. Discover personality types, trauma responses, and potential effects of mental health diagnoses. How does your character respond to crisis? How des she cope with pain? Get into your character’s head and make her unforgettable.