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Every issue of Southern Writers Magazine, highlights successful authors sharing their "behind the scenes" writing lives and books. See their writing techniques, how they promote, use social media…the "how to succeed" insider tips. You'll find inspiring instructional pieces from authors to help you as both a writer and reader. 

We are looking for experienced authors to interview and to write instructional articles. We are not looking for essays or short stories.


About Susan

Susan Reichert, co-publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine, a national magazine for authors and readers. She is also the author of Storms in Life and is published in several anthologies and magazines. “I am a big proponent of writing your feelings, life thoughts, prayers and ideas in journals. Something I’ve done for over forty years.”

Workshop Presented by Susan:

How to Get More Readers Using Magazines/Libraries

Authors have a smorgasbord of venues available to promote themselves as authors and cultivate more readers. Their community library and magazines are just two of those venues. You will learn how to cultivate these resources. With the library in your community you will increase your recognition as an author. Find out what kind of events work best with libraries. Learn how to hold events and turn them into Part I and Part II; how to set them up, how to run them and capture the participants name and email are all part of the process. Meeting people in libraries boosts an author’s reputation and position as an author. This increases the author’s reader base which of course increases the author’s book sales. Once you know how to develop this model in your own community library you can take it into the surrounding communities and eventually across your state.

Magazines are a world of their own. There are numerous ways to boost your reputation as an author utilizing magazines. Best of all you have all types of magazines in every subject imaginable. Being published as a contributor in a magazine gives you recognition and can position you eventually as an expert if you continue showing up in not only that magazine but others. Learn how to cultivate magazines for contributing purposes; learn what to write that will get their attention and learn how to choose the magazines. There are also magazines that look for author’s to write short stories, so this gives you other resources in the magazine world. When readers see author’s name in their magazine they take notice. It’s like saying their magazine has endorsed this author. So they add your name to their author list to read. Learn how this world works best for authors to cultivate more readers.