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About Love Inspired

Love Inspired Books publishes short (55,000 or 70,000 words, depending on the line) Christian romance in three series lines—Love Inspired (contemporary romance), Love Inspired Suspense (romantic suspense) and Love Inspired Historical (historical romance). We are currently most actively seeking Amish romances (for any of the lines) and historical romance. In our books, the romance should drive the plot and the story should contain strong hooks. We are not seeking nonfiction, conversion stories, character journeys or post-WWII historicals.


About Shana

Shana Asaro is the Associate Editor for Love Inspired, Harlequin’s Christian romance series line.  She graduated from Kent State University with a degree in journalism and worked at a literary agency before coming to Harlequin.  Shana acquires for all three of the Love Inspired series lines (contemporary romance, romantic suspense and historical romance) and especially enjoys action-adventure suspense romances, sweet contemporary romances set in small towns, storms, dogs and a little bit of humor or quirkiness.  When she’s not reading or editing, Shana likes to spend time with her husband and dog, travel, watch movies, discuss the merits of Gilmore Girls, eat frozen yogurt and drink Starbucks lattes.  You can find her on Twitter at @shana_asaro.



Workshop Presented by Shana

How to Write a Love Inspired Romance Novel
Learn all about writing category-length romance for the three Love Inspired lines (Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense, Love Inspired Historical). Whether you’re an avid reader of Love Inspired books, have only read a few or have never picked one up, going from reader to writer requires a whole new approach. To help you successfully target your writing to Love Inspired and write a book we’ll want to buy, come learn the specifics of the lines and tips on what we’re looking for. We’ll talk about hooks (What are they and what ones work for us?), conflict, pacing, avoiding episodic plots, the all-important first chapter and more.