Our Mentors/The Experts

Brainstorming with the Experts: In 2017 we implemented a program for conferees that allowed them to work directly with "mentors." This was so successful, we decided to do it again.

Here's how it works: Look below at the names of mentors. If you would like to send in your work, along with a check for $40 (directly to them), they will pore over your work, make notes, then sit down with you at FCWC for a half hour to discuss the work, your goals, etc. They will set up a time to talk with  you while at the conference. Don't pass up the chance to work one-on-one with a professional in the field! 

Note below the names and email addresses of the mentor, along with their genres. 

Karen Ball (karenballedits@gmail.com)  ............ Fiction, Nonfiction (no academic or theological), book proposals
Kim de Blecourt (kim@kimdeblecourt.com) ...... Nonfiction, One Sheets, Book Proposals
Kathy Bruins (kbruins77@gmail.com) ................ Any genre but poetry
Andy Lee (wordsbyandylee@gmail.com) ............ Nonfiction, Bible Studies, Christian Living
Nancy Lohr (nlohr@journeyforth.com) .............. Children, Youth Fiction (no spec), Youth Biography, Picture Books 
Gloria Penwell (gpenwell44@yahoo.com) .......... Bible Studies
Bill Watkins (bwatkins1414@gmail.com) ........... Nonfiction (Christian or Secular)
Lora Zill (timesing@zoominternet.net) .............. Poetry, Nonfiction Memoir
Natalie Gillespie (nataliegillespie@att.net)……….Nonfiction, Devotional, Bible studies, Children's, Poetry, One Sheets, proposals

A Special Mentoring Opportunity for Fiction Writers:

Have you ever written your character's actions or reactions and had a critique partner or reader say, "That doesn't seem like the reaction she should have had ..."

This is because we all come at life from different places.

The way I act or react will be different than someone else based on past experiences and personality make up.

But how is the average layman/writer to know?

Well, we are offering you an amazing opportunity, fiction writers! Marriage and family therapist (and author), Tina Yeager, will be part of our faculty this year and she will be available for 30-minute sessions to look at your characters, their pasts, their life-circumstances, your plot points ... to help you develop the proper actions and reactions to your story line. 

How it works: 

Contact Tina directly for appointments (HumbleAuthor@Yahoo.com).
She will block off time for you based on when you will be at the conference.
You will pay her $30, directly. She will work that out with you at the time of scheduling.

This is an amazing opportunity! Members of the FCWC faculty have used Tina's experience (as well as other mental health counselors they know) and it has proven invaluable to their work.