NEW! Pastors Writers Track



I know just what it’s like. After 22 years in pulpit ministry I know what it feels like to spend hours on a sermon, Bible study preparation, and devotions in church newsletters only to deliver the message or study once, and then file the notes away. It always seemed I was spending a disproportionate amount of time writing a sermon that would last thirty minutes then relegate the notes to a filing cabinet. I decided that all that work would continue to live on and touch lives many times over if I converted them into a book. Which I did—several times.

And you can do the same. Join me at the Florida Christian Writers Conference this February and I’ll show you how to make the hard work of ministry live on for years to come. I’m Alton Gansky, pastor and author of 50 books, fiction and nonfiction.



First time offered! Pastors Track for ordained, licensed, or full-time Pastors!

(Wednesday lunch through Friday lunch. Includes Private Lunch and Speaker on Thursday)

Double Occupancy*                                        $575

Single Occupancy                                             $775


Additional Nights other than Wednesday and Thursday

Double Occupancy                                          $100/ extra night
Single Occupancy                                            $200/extra night


*Don’t know anyone else attending? No worries. We will assign roommates.