Natalie Gillespie

Natalie Gillespie serves the publishing industry as a journalist, editor and author and has had an insider’s view of what Christian retailing looks like from production to the sales floor for 20 years. She has written more than 1,500 articles in the last 15 years for newspapers, magazines and websites, including Focus on the Family, Christian Retailing, Charisma, CCM, and the Tampa Bay Times. Some of her books include Successful Adoption, Five-Star Living on a Two-Star-Budget, Stepfamily Success, and the award-winning You Were Made to Make a Difference with Max Lucado and Jenna Lucado Bishop. Natalie speaks nationwide on the topics of writing, adoption, stepfamilies, and homeschooling and hopes to help writers rediscover their joy, live and write their best stories, and deliver great material for just the right outlets.

Workshops presented by Natalie:

Rediscovering the Joy of Writing 

Getting back to the basics of loving God through creating with the gifts and talents He has given us. Learning to find rest in writing. Learning to appreciate the skill and hone it without feeling frustrated. Finding peace in the catharsis of writing to praise God and get things off our chest, then determining the right audience for our work (whether it was just for ourselves, our family, our local congregation, or the nation and the world).

Beyond Books: What Else Can I Write and Get Paid for?

Due to my unique perspective of the market — having been a TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, and web journalist for more than 20 years, as well as having a full insider’s view of the Christian market from more than 15 years of attending ICRS and writing for Christian Retailing magazine (therefore seeing every piece of Christian product that has been available to retailers during that time), I know where writers can look to get their name in print besides books. I am an avid ABA and CBA reader, scour Amazon regularly, and still read print newspapers and magazines ranging from Christianity Today and Relevant to the New Yorker and Ladies Home Journal.