Mark Mynheir

Mark Mynheir is a former homicide detective whose law enforcement career has also included serving as an undercover narcotics agent and a S.W.A.T. team member.  Mark has written articles for Focus on the Family’s Breakaway magazine and Lookout magazine, and he has also authored five novels: Rolling ThunderFrom the Belly of the DragonThe Void, and The Night Watchman, which was a finalist for a Christy Award, and The Corruptible.  Mark has also co-written two books with Max Lucado: Pocket Prayers for Dads and Pocket Prayers for Military Life.  Mark has been married to the love of his life for twenty-six years, and they have three fantastic children.


3-Hour Workshop Presented by Mark:

Police Procedurals: Murder by Death

In this section, the students are immersed into the law enforcement culture and the psychological stages law enforcement officers experience in their careers, as well as the impact that years of intense police work can have on an individual. Mark then shares how to use this information to deepen police characters. 

Mark instructs the students in creating a personality profile for each character with a system police detectives use for interviews and interrogations. He examines the core differences in the four basic personality types and how to translate those differences into the characters-regardless of genre. In this block, Mark also teaches how law enforcement officers detect deception in street contacts and the language that liars use. 

The students will get an insider's view of police investigations and the techniques officers use to catch bad guys, including surveillance, undercover operations, cell phone tracking, DNA evidence, and the wonderful world of garbage searches.   


After Hours Workshop Presented by Mark:

CSI: Fact or Fiction
The truth and myths about Crime Scene Investigations are exposed in this block-and how this phenomenon drives much of the mystery/suspense world now. Mark also covers the interesting and relevant new technology emerging in law enforcement today.