Lora Zill

Lora Zill is a teaching artist with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and an adjunct professor at Gannon University. Her award-winning poetry and nonfiction have been published widely, including co-authorship of a chapter in the textbook Teaching Creatively and Teaching Creativity (Springer, 2013.) Lora is completing her book Imagine: How to Satisfy Our Insatiable Longing To Feel God’s Pleasure. She edits and publishes the Christian literary poetry journal, Time Of Singing and speaks at arts, educators’, and writers’ conferences on writing and creativity. Lora founded Blue Wind Artistic Retreats to honor creative expression as an act of worship. She leads a church worship team and creates stained glass windows for its sanctuary.
Lora’s editorial needs for Time Of Singing, A Journal Of Christian Poetry:
“I look for poems that are not "preachy," but show insight through compelling imagery. TOS is a literary journal, so I don’t want sermons that rhyme or “greeting card” poetry (which have valid but different purposes). I welcome fresh rhyme, beg for more forms, and appreciate well-crafted free verse. Poems accepted up to 40 lines. I encourage poets to write outside the religious/theological, even evangelical, box. Wrestle with the great issues of the faith and invite my readers to join you. Read widely and take the time to study the craft of poetry and learn its art. Poetry is worthy of your time and devotion.”

Workshop Presented by Lora:

Poetry: Cross Training For Prose Writers 

Athletes “cross train” using different muscles to increase performance. Writers should also exercise different thinking and writing “muscles” to increase their skill. We will discuss ways to use poetic tools such as sound, imagery, and rhythm to enrich your work—both prose and poetry--and look at the writing examples of Annie Dillard, Catherine Marshall, and Anne Morrow Lindbergh.


Writing To Satisfy Our Insatiable Longing To Feel God’s Pleasure

God calls Christian writers to not only develop our craft but love creating as a way to feel His heart. God took great delight in creating and wants us to feel His pleasure as we express His heart and our own. This workshop will give writers a Scriptural rationale for their pursuit of creative writing gifts and the freedom to express themselves in ways that reflect God’s work in their lives.