Linda Gilden

Linda Gilden is an experienced writer, speaker, editor, and writing coach. Author of the Love Notes series, Mommy Pick-Me-Ups, Mama Was the Queen of Christmas, PERSONALity Perspectives, Called to Write, and ghostwritten books. With over a thousand magazine articles to her credit, Linda Gilden is a regular columnist for, As a freelance editor and writing coach, she encourages others to make their writing the best it can be. As a member of the CLASS Seminar training staff, Linda enjoys helping others polish their speaking and writing skills on their journeys to clear, concise communication.

Linda will serve as Bookstore Manager for FCWC 2017.


Workshop Presented by Linda:

Multiply Your Message – Speaker to Writer

Speakers have a limited amounted of time to share their messages with their audiences. The size of the audience is also a fixed number rarely getting above a thousand. But a book or magazine articles can reach thousands if not hundreds of thousands more. So, all you have to do is transcribe your messages and get them into print, right? WRONG! Spoken messages can make great printed material but only if the proper writing techniques are applied. This workshop will help you take your spoken message to create multiple print pieces that will greatly expand the number of people you reach and produce quality products for your speaker’s book table.