Linda Evans Sheperd

About Leading Hearts Magazine

Leading Hearts Magazine is for Christian women who lead hearts at home, church, work and community.  The magazine is filled with  resources, encouragement, helps, mentoring and inspiration with insights from top Christian women authors and communicators. It’s created by the Christian women authors and speakers of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and published by Right to the Heart Ministries.  The magazine has been awarded an Award of Merit  by the Evangelical Press Association two years running.

We look for articles on women who are making a difference, as well as articles for women leaders on balance, the ministry life, parenting, marriage, prayer, spiritual growth, and leadership.


About Linda

Linda Evans Shepherd is the author of other thirty books, including the Potluck Club novel series which she wrote with Eva Marie Everson and her bestselling prayer books including When You Don’t Know What to Pray, Experiencing God’s Presence and Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles.

Linda is also the publisher of the Evangelical Press Association multi-award winning, Leading Hearts Magazine where conferees can receive a free subscription at

She is the CEO of Right to the Heart ministries, which also oversees the work of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, an association of over 500 Christian women communicators.  She is the founder of the Golden Scroll Awards which gives awards to Christian editors and publishers for their ministry partnership with their authors, as well Golden Scroll Books of the Year and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Linda loves teaching and speaking, and has delivered keynotes and workshops across America, Canada and Europe.

Linda and Paul have been married over thirty years and have two children.  She is a secret Internet geek and loves to create websites, and online ministries.  Her website, a gospel sharing website has seen over 300,000 people come to faith.

She is the 2017 Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference Writer of the Year.

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Continuing Class presented by Linda

From Writing to Speaking

This continuing session is for writers and speakers who want to start or grow writing and speaking ministries.

Linda will share her experiences as a writer turned speaker, and talk about:

1.      Identifing your heart messages as well as your calling to write and speak.

2.      Organizing both your written and spoken messages.

3.      Tips to create powerful messages.

4.      Crafting your writing.

5.      Crafting your spoken messages.

6.      The business side of writing and speaking.

7.      Discovering a wealth of writing and speaking venues.

8.      Creating and implementing your marketing plan.

The art of writing and speaking is a craft you can cultivate as you write and speak words that will change the lives of your readers and listeners.  If you are a writer who longs to hold the microphone, this workshop will show you how to win it and keep your audiences moved and engaged. It will also show you how these two disciplines work together to create the synergy you need to propel your ministry forward as you share the messages of your heart.