Kristen Hogrefe

Kristen Hogrefe is an author, teacher, and mentor. She leads an online Word Weavers’ group and is co-founder of the Build Your Brand program with Bethany Jett to help writers share their stories through social media. She’s written a young adult suspense trilogy Wings of the Dawn and is currently working on several projects. Kristen teaches middle school English for Alpha Omega Academy, serves as a youth leader at her church, and blogs for young adults and the young at heart at





Workshop presented by Kristen:

Friend Your Audience on Social Media

As writers, we hear phrases like: “You have to find your audience online.” (Is this a game of hide and seek?) And: “You have to build a platform.” (But I’m all thumbs!)

In our quest for numbers and rankings, we’ve lost sight of what matters most: the audience we care about and what God’s given us to say.

This workshop will challenge writers to view social media as an opportunity to build relationships with their audience, not merely as a mercenary tool to convince editors to publish them. We’ll look at:

When we focus on what matters most, the numbers will take care of themselves.