Katy Kauffman

Refresh Bible Study Magazine


About Refresh:

Refresh seeks to be a Christian voice in an increasingly secular world, and its mission is to connect God’s word to life today. It’s a free, bi-monthly magazine published by Lighthouse Bible Studies. Katy is looking for articles, devotions, personal stories or testimonies, prayers, poetry, and short stories related to the following topics in 2017:
·         April 1  “In Christ,” our identity in Christ, our union and fellowship with Christ, walking in Christ
·         June 15  Effective Evangelism: examples of how to do it, experiences, witnessing to children, when you heard the gospel and its effect on your life
·         August 15  Raising Our Children to Know and Love God
·         October 1  Contributor’s Choice
·         December 1  Christmas
Since the magazine’s purpose is to connect Scripture to life today, each article or submission should include at least one Bible verse. They should also have 800 words or less, and an encouraging and friendly voice, as if you are talking to a friend.


About Katy:

Katy Kauffman is an award-winning author, a magazine editor and designer, and a co-founder ofLighthouse Bible Studies (not the same as Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas). At the conference, she represents the online magazine, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, and will be acquiring articles and the names of potential contributors.


Make an appointment with Katy if you’re interested in writing for Refresh or would like more information. Ask about our Statement of Faith. Since the magazine is free, writers are not paid for articles, but the contributor’s bio is given at the end of each article, along with a blog address or website for those who have them.

Workshop Presented by Katy:

How to Make Scripture Come Alive in Your Writing

Since Scripture is alive with truths and promises, with hope and healing, how can we effectively present its message in our writing? Whether you write books, articles, or blog posts, this workshop will show you 10 essentials for writing about the Word of God with richness, vitality, and everyday relevance.