Jevon Bolden

EMBOLDEN MEDIA GROUP (EMG) is a publishing consulting and content development firm.

EMG is the parent company for Jevon Bolden, Editor, and Embolden Publishing Group (EPG) - a boutique publishing imprint committed to

Give writers and authors the courage or confidence to write and publish books that matter
Fortify, make brave, encourage, hearten, strengthen, stiffen the resolve of, lift the morale of the author during the writing, editorial, and production processes
Rouse, stir, stimulate, cheer, rally, fire, inspirit, invigorate the author and their project when it's time to launch

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For fourteen years, Jevon Oakman Bolden has been an essential editorial partner and writing coach to a number of best-selling authors. Having served those years as a senior editor for traditional adult and children's book publishers, she has experience in a broad range of topics including natural health and wellness, personal and spiritual growth, and children’s nonfiction, 

In November 2017, Jevon made a shift to focus her attention full-time on her long list of clients for her content development and publishing consulting firm, Embolden Media Group (EMG). It is a big step that she couldn't be more excited about.

Jevon has a bachelor of arts degree in English with a minor in sociology from the University of Alabama and is pursuing a master of arts in English literature from Mercy College in New York. She currently lives in Lake Mary, FL, with her husband, William, and two children, Autumn and Austin.


Workshops Presented by Jevon:

Writing Devos: Personal Experiences to Personal Story

Sometimes it is hard to know exactly how to write the most challenging yet precious and redeeming experiences in your life. As a developing author, you often hear that writing a memoir or autobiography will not get you published, but you have a story to tell that you know will inspire, strengthen and encourage others. Here’s a strategy that will help you accomplish both your personal desire to tell your story and provide the compelling edge that may get you published.

In “Writing Devos: Personal Experiences to Personal Story,” best-selling editor and ghostwriter, Jevon Bolden will show you how to capture the most compelling and life-changing aspects of your personal story and turn them into bite-size gems that capture the heart of your audience. You will learn how to:

Make your story the catalyst for change and transformation you always dreamed it would be.


7 Secrets to Manuscript Acceptance

Demystify the inner workings of publishing industry and discover seven proven strategies for getting your manuscript accepted. This workshop will reveal what you need to know and do before submitting your manuscripts to publishers. Helpful tips and insights include:

By unlocking all seven secrets, you will learn how to successfully navigate the world of publishing and get your stamp of “ACCEPTED”!