Gloria Penwell

About Bold Vision Books

Bold Vision Books is an independent, Christian publisher looking for non-fiction and fiction with a compelling Christian message.
We are small, but innovative—and aspiring to be astute and progressive in this changing industry.
We are looking for well crafted non-fiction manuscripts with a timeless message told in a fresh new way, using story techniques and strong Scripture backing.
We would like to see your YA fiction (no fantasy) for young teens. We will begin releasing our first women’s fiction in early 2017. We are interested in romance, historical, (no Amish) and contemporary novels. Send us your page-turning story.
For our Nuts ‘N Bolts line, we would like to see your idea for craft books for the arts and business. If you write “how to” materials such as teaching, writing, speaking, painting, acting, business principles, productivity, or time management, we’d love to see your proposal.
Optasia Books is a special imprint for books from beloved pastors. 
If your manuscript or idea isn’t quite ready or you need coaching, content editing, or ghost writing, consider kae Creative Solutions, a division of Bold Vision Books, which offers content editing, line proofing, overall concept analysis, and ghost writing. 


About Gloria

Gloria’s expertise and love of the writing world comes from years of traveling with her husband, Dan. Together they attended hundreds of writers conferences while Dan was Acquisitions Editor at AMG Publishing. Gloria is the CLASS Christian Writers Conference Assistant Director. She is an encourager and understands what the writing life is about. She is now the acquisitions editor for Bold Vision Books.


Workshop Presented by Gloria:

Dynamite Bible Studies that Can Change the World
Focus on the essentials of presentation, explication, elaboration, and application in writing Bible studies. Find the wide audience of denominations who need small group Bible studies. Other topics include: Writing the Easy Way, Using Subheads, Narrowing Your Focus, Topical Subjects, Online vs. Print Studies, Finding Background Resources, Organizing Material, Storytelling, Setting Priorities, and Using Your Passion.