Continuing Class and Workshop Titles

Continuing Classes

Continuing Class Title (click for description) Presenter (click for bio) Primary Focus

The Five F’s of a Writing Career: Freelance, Finance, Faith, Family and Fun

Michelle Medlock Adams Career Writing
The Continuous Critique Track

Shellie Arnold and

Kristen Stieffel

Continuous Critique

Screen Writing 101

Torry Martin Screenplays

Chart a Course: Beginning Your Publishing Journey

Ben Wolf Teen Track
Nonfiction A-Z

Edie Melson

Nonfiction Track
Spoken Word; Written Word. Expanding Your Ministry

Alton Gansky

Pastor’s Track

The Speaking Side of Writing

Laura Petherbridge Books to Speaking

Writing for Children: Ins and Outs, Ups and Downs, and All that Stuff  
     in Between

Hannah Hall Writing for Children

Fiction: Writing Lessons from the Front

Angela Hunt

Fiction Track

Social Media Synergy

Bethany Jett Social Media


Extended 3-Hour Workshops

Workshop Title (click on Presenter's name for description) Workshop Presenter (click for bio)

Police Procedures: Murder by Death

Mark Mynheir
Don’t Fear the Blogosphere (pre-registration required)

Heather Iseminger

Master the Memoir

Marti Pieper

The Brave New World of Indie Publishing

Dan Walsh




Workshop Title (click on Presenter's name for description) Workshop Presenter (click for bio)

Ten Tips to Double Your Freelance Income (After Hours)

Michelle Medlock Adams

Writing Nonfiction with Authority

Dawn Anderson

How to Write for Love Inspired

Shana Asaro

Preparing Your Heart and Spirit for Success

Overcoming the Fiction Dragons: Five Top Mistakes in Fiction

Karen Ball

How NOT to Get an Agent

Timothy Beals

Writing Flash Fiction That Sells (After Hours)

Lindsey Brackett

Book Proposal Studio

Media and Promo with a Punch

Kathy Bruins

Reprints, Rights, and Re-writes – Getting Milage Out of Your Work (After Hours)

Mapping a Great Article

Cheri Cowell

Book Proposal Studio

Kim de Blecourt
Multiply Your Message – Speaker to Writer

Linda Gilden

Beyond Books: What Else Can I Write and Get Paid For?

Rediscovering the Joy of Writing

Natalie Gillespie
He Said/She Said. Oh, My!

Linda Glaz

I’ve Written a Children’s Book...Now What? (After Hours)

Hannah Hall
Networking: Nuisance or Necessity?

Deb Haggerty

Mastering the Art of Dialogue for Fiction and Nonfiction

Dr. Dennis E. Hensley

Friend Your Audience on Social Media

Kristen Hogrefe

Creating a Kick-Butt Fiction Proposal

Creating Realistic, Memorable Characters in a Snap!

Angela Hunt

Zero to Book Deal

Bethany Jett

Seven Trends in Book Publishing You Need to Know

Writing Outside of “the Choir”

Eddie Jones

1,000 Frozen Pizzas – When Full Time Work and Family
     Meets a Call to Write (After Hours)

Heather Iseminger

How to Make Scripture Come Alive in Your Writing

Katy Kauffman

Blogging for the Soul and Making an Impact (After Hours)

Hermeneutics for Writers

Andy Lee

The Plot Thickens (Childrens/Teens/YA)

Nancy Lohr

Screenwriting Techniques to Create a Visual Novel

What’s the Big Idea? 

Too Good to be True/It’s Good to be Bad – Creating Compelling Protagonists
and Antagonists
 (After Hours)

Torry Martin

Making Marvelous Memes

Edie Melson
CSI: Fact or Fiction (After Hours)

Mark Mynheir

Writing for

Beth Patch

Dynamite Bible Studies that Can Change the World (After Hours)

Gloria Penwell

First Time Orientation

Edwina Perkins

Ethics For Christian Writers

Marti Pieper

How to Get More Readers Using Magazines and Libraries

Susan Reichert

Issues Writing that Matters

Self-Editing: The Key to Better Writing

Bill Watkins

Psych’d Characters

Tina Yeager

100+ Tech Tools Every Author Should Know (After Hours)

Winning at Winning Contests

Cyle Young

Preparing Your Heart and Spirit for Success

Secrets of a Great Nonfiction Book Proposal

Erin Taylor Young

Poetry: Cross Training For Prose Writers

Writing to Satisfy our Insatiable Longing to Feel God’s Pleasure

Lora Zill