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EA Books is an e-book, short run print-on-demand, and audiobook partner for authors looking for a way to keep more of their profits and to capitalize on the growing do-it-yourself trend. EA Books does all of the technical and behind the scenes work so you can focus on what you do best—writing. Whether you want your e-book on a Kindle, a few print copies to sell to family and available on Amazon, or your audiobook on iTunes, we are your partners in making those dreams come true. Please visit our website for pricing and details of what we offer. Then set up and appointment to meet with Cheri Cowell, president and CEO,

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About Cheri

Cheri Cowell, Owner and Publisher of EABooks Publishing, brings a unique blend of publisher and author experience to her company which benefits new, aspiring, and accomplished authors. As an author and speaker herself, with four traditionally published books including 365 Devotions for Peace by Zondervan, and Parables and Word Pictures, a Bible study by AMG, she understands the traditional publishing world. She also has several books published by EABooks Publishing, including One Story, One Mission, One God Bible study, and Living the Story: Reaching Outside the Church Walls, so she is well versed in both sides of the partnership publishing world. Cheri is also a frequent contributor to several writers' magazines and blogs–Google her name.

Cheri began EABooks Publishing after learning how to get her own materials into e-book format.  With her passion of helping others see God's Word come alive, she is excited to expand that mission by helping fellow authors take advantage of all the new publishing trends. Says Cheri, "Whether your vision is e-books, print, or audiobooks, we can help you expand your reach with the message God gave you." Recently EABooks added editing, illustrating, and author marketing services to enhance the publishing experience and expand the reach of God's messengers into the world. 

To date, EABooks Publishing has published 98 projects representing 54 authors. Cheri looks forward to meeting you at the next Christian Writers' Conference to hear about your book and show you how EABooks Publishing can help make your publishing dreams come true.

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Workshop Presented by Cheri:

Mapping a Great Article

Learn the writer’s secret to article success—mapping. It’s a tool all good writers use when drafting their manuscripts to create one wining article after another. After this workshop, you will be one of those writers, too.

After Hours Workshop Presented by Cheri:

Reprints, Rights, and Rewrites—Getting Mileage out of Your Work

It takes twice as long and ten times the energy to write a new piece than to rework and resubmit that piece again and again. Learn how to get more mileage out of your work in this chock-full-of-tips-and-tricks class.