Andy Lee

Andy Lee is an award-winning writer, blogger, Bible teacher, and author of two books, A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called (Leafwood 2016), and The Book of Ruth Key Word Bible Study: A 31-Day Journey to Hope and Promise (AMG 2015). She is the managing editor of the FCWC blog, the president of the Wilmington Word Weavers, and mom to three grown kids, one son-in-law, and a kitty named Hank.

Andy taught Hermeneutics 101 at Lifepoint College for two years and has taught Bible studies for over twenty. Her goal in life is to make everyone a Bible nerd, at least that’s what her husband says, and he may be right—he usually is. But her other passion is to encourage people in their gifts and callings. Andy digs into the ancient languages under our Bible translations for fresh insight on her Facebook Live broadcast, Bite of Bread, aired at 8:20 ET, Monday through Friday. And after years of blogging she continues to minister faith inspiration and fresh “Bread” on her blog, Daily Grace at

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Workshop Presented by Andy:

Hermeneutics for Writers 

This class isn't about a guy named Herman. Hermeneutics is a fancy word for interpreting and applying the ancient Word of God to today. We read our Bibles with filters, through hearts and eyes affected by gender, modernity, and our wounds. As Christian writers we are accountable to our readers to study and share beyond our feelings and the commentaries we read. Most of us don't have seminary degrees; therefore, we need to understand some basic precepts for interpreting the Bible and applying it to our lives and our readers' lives. If we don't, we are missing the Life inside the Word. 

In Hermeneutics for Writers, you will be given resources that will help you:

Hermeneutics for Writers will not only help you apply the Bible for your readers, it will change the way you read your Bible everyday unlocking the buried treasure beneath our translations and the sediment of time and culture.


After Hours Workshop Presented by Andy:

Blogging for the Soul and Making an Impact

There are hundreds of millions of blog posts written everyday. How can our blogs be heard in this ocean of voices? What can we do to make our site a place where readers want to come when they have so many options to choose from? What will make our blogs stand out from the rest? In Blogging for the Soul and Making an Impact, you’ll learn:

But most importantly, we’ll discuss why we blog in the first place and how not to lose our souls in the process.