Alton Gansky

Alton Gansky is the author of 50 books (novels, nonfiction, novellas). For 22 years he served as pastor in three Baptist churches. He teaches in writing conferences throughout the country. He was the host of Writer’s Talk and is the co-host of Firsts in Fiction podcast. For six years he directed the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.


Continuing Class presented by Alton:

Spoken Word; Written Word. Expanding Your Ministry
Communication is at the heart of ministry. Pastors are accustomed to teaching and encouraging through the spoken word, but the written word can live on long after a sermon is forgotten. In this class, Alton Gansky will discuss the power of the written word to take a local ministry and make it global. We will discuss the enduring power of the written word, writing opportunities for pastors, how to write a memorable nonfiction book, how to select ideas, the basics of nonfiction writing, making time to write, converting sermon and Bible study material into books, and much more.